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About Hinari (Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative)

> Material owned by the Publishers made available through HINARI can be used by Authorized Users or Walk-in Users
> An Authorized User is an institution's or government department's employee, permanent or visiting faculty, or student
> Walk-in User are anyone who comes to the Institution's premises and is permitted by the Institution to access services there
> Institution may supply printed or digital materials (documents) only to the institution's employees, faculty members, students or another Authorized User
> Remote access is permissible but limited to computers owned personally by employees or by institution
> Publisher's material may be placed in electronic reserves for students to access in specified education courses (delete after the end of the course)

> Downloading or printing: users cannot download or print complete journal issues or books (per journal issue or book, 15% limit)
> Course Packs: academic and teaching staff may make copies in print or digital form of the Publishers Material for course packs; only can recover the cost of producing such course packs from the students; cannot make a profit from the Publisher's Material
> Document supply: cannot distribute documents obtained through HINARI to any other individuals or organizations outside the Institution
> Uploading: cannot upload/post the material to a publicly available website or elsewhere
> Cannot modify, adapt, transform or create any derivative work from the publisher's material, software or hosting agent or tamper with the access software
> Do not give the Publisher's Material or ID/password to other individuals or institutions (if others at your institution are interested, send them to the Library)
> Do not access HINARI while traveling outside the country
> Do not put the ID and password on the Institution's website; a link to the initial page of HINARI or information about the program is acceptable

Beste HINARI gebruikers,
Vanwege een probleem met de HINARI site, is toegang met de webbrowser
Internet Explorer versie 9, 10 en 11 niet mogelijk. De browsers Firefox en
Chrome werken wel. --- 8 jan 2013